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Billing, Payments, & BluCards

  • Invoices/Payment Request
    Use to submit all invoices and payment requests, which include Honoraria (non-faculty), human subject fees, and petty cash 
  • Non T&E Reimbursement
    Reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses for common goods (office supplies, copies, etc.) Reimbursements do not include travel, entertainment, services, specialized equipment. Purchases valued at $5,000 or more must be authorized in advance according to UC Policy, BFB-BUS-43
  • Recreational Sports Request
    Submit for assistance with all Cal Recreational Sports Membership billing and payroll deductions (including cancellation, holds, and refunds)
  • Credit Card Payment
    Submit for all transactions that need credit card authorization, including (catering payments, meal vouchers, and credit card refunds). For credit card transactions paid over the phone, please fill out the Payment Authorization Form prior to completion of transaction.
  • Billing Discrepancies
    Use to submit for assistance with billing discrepancies including (ECEP Non-Student Billing, Housing Non-Student Billing, UCB Sponsorship Program, Cal 1 Card transactions, housing charge reversals, etc.)
  • Rental Verification
    Submit for rental verification and Lease Agreement verification requests. If requesting this on behalf of a former tenant a signed document showing the authorization to release such records is required before processing will take place
  • Departmental Deposit
    Submit for assistance with Student Affairs departmental deposits to ensure they hit the GL. Deposits include cash, credit card, and check deposits 
  • Entertainment Reimbursement
    Download and submit reimbursement form for Business Related Entertainment Expenses 
  • Travel Reimbursement
    Download and submit reimbursement for Business related to Travel Expenses
  • Student Opportunity Fund (SOF)
    Download and submit reimbursement for Student Opportunity Fund Travel Expenses