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Safety & Ergonomics

  • Report A Safety Hazard

    Use this form to report any safety related concerns or hazards to the Divisional Safety Officer for assistance and or investigation. Hazards may be within your department or across Student Affairs. Your actions do make a difference!

  • Safety Inspection

    Use this form to ask for help implementing a safety inspection program or if you are seeking a random independent inspection.

  • Safety Training

    Use this form to request individual, team, and department safety-related trainings that are mandatory or customized to your specific requirements.

  • Safety Policy/Form Inquiry

    Use this form to question or receive feedback on an existing safety policy and or request assistance from the Divisional Safety Officer to help build or revise a safety policy for your department.

  • Ergonomic Assessment

    Use this page to request mandatory new employee ergonomic assessments, updated assessments when staff has moved workstations, or to request immediate assistance due to a workplace ergonomic injury. Page provides links to additional resources including workstation and proper mouse set up and use.

  • Safety Shoe Inquiry

    ​Use this form to submit all safety shoe inquiries. To learn more about the safety shoe program, please visit the Safety Shoe website.