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Building & Workspace Support

  • Building Access/Entry Control

    Select when needing to add, modify, or eliminate your or others access to a space within 2610 Channing and Sproul Hall via key, C1C, or pin.

  • Building Maintenance

    Your go to page for problems or requests for additional services regarding buildings we manage and their maintenance: 2610 Channing, Sproul Hall, Career Center, CKC, 2515 Channing.

  • Ergonomic Assessment

    Use the link above for purchasing recommended ergonomic equipment, applying for Matching Funds, and requesting UHS assistance due to a workplace ergonomic injury. Additional resources can be found here for proper workstation setup and safe posture tips.

  • Office Renovation/Refresh

    Requests for small office refresh including paint, shampoo, and cleaning up to construction projects including remodels.

  • Mail Services/Shipping

    For assistance with shipping or receiving services both national and international including large, staggered, and customized. Additionally request shipping or mail supplies here

  • Room Reservation

    Select when needing to make a reservation for the Collaboration Room and the Lactation & Wellness rooms at 2610 Channing and Sproul Hall.

  • Moving Services

    Support services to facilitate the moving of equipment, staff, furniture, phone lines covering small individual to multiple large departments. Requests for supplied including boxes, bubble wrap and labels accepted here.

  • Savio Steps (Amplified Sound)

    Select when needing amplified sound request for the Savio Steps in front of Sproul Hall.

  • Workspace Improvements

    Requests (including additional space, changes to the use of existing space, and proposals to renovate or physically alter space) require advance committee approval. Exceptions:

    Simple moves within one’s own department should be administered by department leadership (example includes moving a few staff from one workstation or area to another within the same department).

    Small furniture changes should also be managed by the department (example includes replacing a stationary desk with a sit stand or similar ergonomic related changes) however, moves altering space to the level of cubicle reconfiguration or involve accessibility (ADA) require SAT review.