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Performance Development

Achieve Together Performance Development resources

Achieve Together is the UC Berkeley staff performance development program for non-represented employees. Achieve Together replaces all previous performance evaluation processes and forms. The program emphasizes ongoing performance development, coaching conversations, and clear guidelines for how we do our work through the Achievement Criteria performance indicators. 

Addressing Anti-Black Racism and Racism Sample Goals

Sample goals were developed to support managers and supervisors as they establish team and/or individual goals to address anti-Black racism, racism, and implicit bias.  They are intended as a launching point to customize to the department’s organizational context.

UC Systemwide Core Competency ABCs

Core competencies were developed for staff across the UC system. These can be used to complement the Achieve Together criteria or to augment performance development conversations.

Competencies are identified knowledge, skills, and abilities that describe employee traits which directly and positively impact the success of the employee and the organization. Competencies can be objectively measured, enhanced, and improved through coaching and learning opportunities.

Across the UC system, competencies have been identified for all staff, including managers and supervisors, professional staff, and operational/technical staff.

Performance Improvement Plan resources

When verbal coaching and counseling has not been successful, Performance Improvement Plans (PIPs) are a non-disciplinary focused support model, consisting of weekly 1:1 check-ins for 30, 60, or 90 days) designed to guide course corrections with clear expectations, regular feedback, and ongoing documentation. 

The PIP form can be downloaded here,  and you can learn the guidelines for the process, and steps for consulting with your HR Partner. By consulting with your HR Partner, you identify the appropriate strategy for the PIP. These can begin at any time after verbal coaching and counseling has not been successful. And, for those who receive an overall “Needs Attention” as part of the Achieve Together performance development program for non-represented employees, PIPs will be required. Learn more about Achieve Together on our website.