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Professional Development

At UC Berkeley and in Student Affairs, we believe in investing in staff and the positive impact it has on the individual and the organization as a whole. The resources below take a comprehensive approach to help Student Affairs staff visualize, organize, plan, and execute their goals. These resources are designed to:

  1. Improve access to and engagement with career development resources among SA staff.
  2. Equip staff and managers with structure, templates, and guides to make staff learning & development planning simple and effective.
  3. Manage and distribute divisional resources for staff development as equitably as possible, and with the greatest impact to individuals and the organization.

Student Affairs ProDev Resources:

SA ProDev Funds Guidelines – Funding is available for individual ProDev requests as well as cross-departmental staff development opportunities.

SA ProDev Employee Guide – This guide is designed to help staff manage their career by setting good professional development goals, and strategically build skills, knowledge, and experience.

SA ProDev Supervisor Guide – This guide includes tools for supervisors to support their staff and maximize access and engagement with professional development resources.

SA ProDev Resource Database (2018) – This user-friendly tool will help staff and supervisors match their goals and needs to available opportunities, activities, and ideas.

SA ProDev Funds Request Form – Submit your request using this form before April 30, 2024 (while funds remain).

UPDATE: As April 18th, 2024, the Professional Development Fund has been exhausted. Applications submitted through this form on or after this date will be added to a waitlist if funds later become available. 

Questions? Email Hollyann Larson, Central Services Analyst at