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Position Control

Student Affairs Position Control (SAPC)

To assure we are good stewards of university resources, Student Affairs monitors a number of actions through a central position control review process. This need for central review is even more important to help save jobs in light of the financial impacts of COVID-19. 

Effective November 1, 2021 most actions are approved at a departmental level utilizing the divisional budgeting process as the primary mechanism to plan for adequate staffing. However, there are several instances in which position control review may be required and/or additional campus level approvals must be sought. Below outlines the requirements for position control and the types of actions which require engagement with the position control process. 

When an action requires position control review, It is critical to answer all form questions completely and accurately. Incomplete submissions will be returned to the department to collect additional information, thus the review and decision on a request will be delayed. Please see the job aid linked here for information and examples to support a complete SAPC form submission.

Actions requiring SA position control approval:

  • Hiring actions:
    • Reinstatement of previously existing positions or creation of new positions not in current approved budget
    • Contract Hires and contract extensions not in the current budget
  • Salary actions:
    • Salary offers over midpoint

Exempt from SA position control approval effective November 1, 2021:

  • Hiring actions:
    • Hire/Recruitment of any positions in the current budget. Career and contract positions must be budgeted by position number. Pooled positions (limited, per diem, seasonal) must be accounted for by their lump sum amount
    • Limited leave replacement hires
    • Student hires
    • Admission readers

Email with any questions on the process or to check the status of a request. Please note, you will need to submit a ServiceHub ticket to complete these actions.

UCPath Position Management

A UCPath position number is required for all TAM recruitments and hire requests to HR.

To review your current position data in UCPath, use the Student Affairs Manager’s Report in Tableau or you may also view your UCPath Manager Portal to see limited data on filled and vacant positions.

To change position data or get a new position, work with your financial analyst. New positions may require SA Position Control approval before they will be added to UCPath.